A Petition to Ben and Jerry's

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Ben and Jerry’s have released a statement regarding their decision to end the sale
of Ben and Jerry’s products in the ‘Occupied Palestinian Territory’.

This comes in addition to the unfortunate news of their initial intent to cease business with Israel entirely, before parent company Unilever stepped in.

Urge Ben & Jerry’s to reconsider their position, oppose hate, strengthen its ties with Israel, and support peace in the region by supporting our petition!

While we cannot claim to know what motivated such a decision, the news that Ben and Jerry’s wished to cease business with Israel entirely as a result of the conflict in the region is distressing, and news that should not go without condemnation.

A complete boycott of Israel as was intended by Ben and Jerrys is almost unprecedented in recent years by any major company.

To target Israel and Israel alone in this way is another outrageous and deplorable example of BDS, and is Antisemitic by definition.

It is unfortunate that so often, those dedicated to finding solutions are motivated by their own agendas, with these seldom being to the advantage of either Palestinians or Israelis. It’s unfortunate that decisions like that attempted by Ben and Jerry’s would only result in increased economic and social hardship for Israelis and Palestinians.

The reality on the ground is that Israelis and Palestinians work and live together. Companies like Ben and Jerry’s can and should make a difference and achieve a better future by trying to facilitate the same.