Talking About Israel – War and Peace


Our fourth Talking About Israel session, entitled ‘War and Peace’ focused on the history of conflict within the region, looking at war, military operations, and the evolution of non-state actors within the space.

The session was facilitated by Sam Tatarka.

Sam has had a comprehensive history within our community, even serving as a former president of Zionism Victoria.

As always, this session was broadcast on Facebook LIVE and is also available by Youtube and right here on our website:


How often are you confronted with uncomfortable questions or discussions about Israel and you wish you knew exactly what to say?

Talking about Israel is a 5 session educational program aimed at providing members of inside and outside our community with the tools to discuss the political issues regarding Israel in an informed and educated manner.

Sessions are accessible for free via Facebook LIVE both on our main page and in this event, no registration necessary!

Event Details

7:30 PM