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President of Zionism Victoria Yossi Goldfarb has welcomed the announcement by Unilever that Ben & Jerry’s ice cream would be available in the West Bank.

Last year, the ice cream giant said it would no longer allow its product to be sold in “Occupied Palestinian Territory”.

The decision, which sparked outrage throughout the Jewish world, jeopardised the distribution of Ben & Jerry’s all over Israel.

But parent company Unilever has now intervened, selling its business interests in Israel to the Israeli manufacturer and distributor of the brand, circumventing Ben & Jerry’s in the US.

Mr Goldfarb said, “The impact of this Cold War was felt on these shores with Ben & Jerry’s boycott prompting many kosher stores in Australia to stop selling their ice cream and local Jewish consumers to stop buying it.

“Unilever’s intervention is to be welcomed, as it not only means that our cousins in Israel can once again enjoy Chunky Monkey, but crucially it is a blow to the BDS movement that seeks to legitimise the Jewish State.”