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Australia’s statement at UNHRC

Zionism Victoria welcomes the statement made by the Australia’s representative to the UN Human Rights Council last night.
Addressing fellow delegates following the release of the first report by the UNHRC’s Commission of Inquiry into alleged Israeli human rights abuses, Amanda Gorely expressed the Australian government’s “fundamental concerns” about the permanent inquiry and the “disproportionate scrutiny” of Israel.
President of Zionism Victoria Yossi Goldfarb said, “That the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is the only global situation deemed worthy of a permanent commission of inquiry already highlights the UN’s prejudiced view of Israel. But this is further underlined by the report’s findings which focus almost entirely on allegations against Israel while skimming over the crimes perpetrated by Hamas.
“Amid speeches that were overwhelmingly hostile to Israel, we are grateful to the new government for speaking out against the UNHRC’s blatant bias and for upholding Australia’s bipartisan support of the Jewish State both domestically and on the international stage.”