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New Report on ‘Operation Protective Edge’ Conclusively Refutes Allegations of IDF War Crimes

The Israeli Foreign Ministry today released a report on the IDF’s actions during ‘Operation Protective Edge’ last year in Gaza 

This report provides an in-depth explanation of the rationale for Israel’s military action in Gaza under ‘jus ad bellum’ – the laws of war that define legitimate reasons for a resort to armed conflict. It also provides detailed analysis of the IDF’s combat tactics and procedures under ‘jus in bello’ – the laws of war that regulate battlefield behaviour.

This report conclusively refutes allegations that the IDF systematically violated the laws of war during the Gaza conflict. It also demonstrates that Hamas routinely committed the war crime of perfidy by storing munitions in mosques and schools and firing rockets from launch sites adjacent to Red Crescent medical facilities.

The report can be accessed from the following website: 

Protective Edge Report