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KOOK Culinary Tour of Israel – The Menu

Itinerary – Please note: Tour is postponed to 2016


Day 1
Start the day and the tour with a breakfast workshop at Shakshuka; taste and experience the wonders of the Machane Yehuda market (PD); learn about Iraqi cuisine at Azura Restaurant (PD); learn about Middle Eastern foods at Abraham’s Tent (PD); take a Master Class with Chef Moshe Basson of Eucalyptus Restaurant (PD)Overnight: Harmony Hotel

Day 2 
Volunteer at the Karmel Ha’ir soup kitchen; taste cheese and learn about the local dairy industry at Tal Shachar Dairy Farm (PD); enjoy a delicious Shabbat (Sabbath) dinner with expert explanation of special foods and rituals (PD)Overnight: Harmony Hotel

Day 3 
Enjoy the beauty and peacefulness of Jerusalem on the Sabbath with a walking tour of the city; at the close of Shabbat, experience an Ethiopian meal including a dialogue with the chef (PD)Overnight: Harmony Hotel

Galil (The North)

Day 4 
Visit the Roman fortress and ampitheatre in Caesarea; get an overview of Israel’s wine industry at the Carmel Winery in Zichron Ya’akov (PD); relax and pamper yourself at the hot spring spa in Hamat Gader. Overnight: Mizpe Hayamim

Day 5 
Explore the beautiful and spiritual city of Tzfat; experience the delights of Yeminite cuisine and culture (PD); visit the Rimon Winery, specialising in pomegranate wine (PD); learn to make Druze delicacies and learn about this unique culture (PD); enjoy the beauty of the Sea of Galilee with a lake cruise. Overnight: Mizpe Hayamim

Arava (The South)

Day 6
Treat your palate to the spicy wonders of Tunisian cuisine at Last Chance (PD); feel light as a feather as you float in the Dead Sea; learn about Israel in Roman times at the ancient synagogue in Ein Gedi; experience a traditional Bedouin feast (hafla) (PD); enjoy the thrilling sound and light show as you learn the story of Masada. Overnight: Kfar Hanokdim

Day 7 
Experience a day in the desert with your hosts, the Central Arava Regional Council, learning about the wonders of innovative desert agriculture (heart shaped cucumbers, chocolate peppers and more) and unique training programs in agriculture and food production for developing countries (PD); enjoy a delicious organic lunch at Gan Yarak. Travel to Tel Aviv for dinner at Blue Skyan elite cuisine restaurant by Chef Meir Adoni (PD). Overnight: Carlton Tel Aviv Hotel

Tel Aviv

Day 8 
Enjoy the sights and sounds of the Jaffa Flea Market including a humus tasting; take a tour at the reknowned Levinsky Spice Market (PD); utilise modern skills to prepare traditional Persian food (PD); participate in the educational forum “Food as a form of Jewish Art” (PD); Farewell dinner at Herbert Samuel- Herzliya with Chef Yonatan Roshfeld (PD)Overnight: Carlton Tel Aviv Hotel

Day 9 
A day at the markets including the Tel Aviv Port Farmers Market, Nachalat Binyamin Crafts Fair and the Shuk Ha’Carmel (Carmel Market).