Joint Statement from ZFA President Dr Danny Lamm & ZCV President Sam Tatarka on the murder of five innocent Israelis in Har Nof

There are almost no words to describe the horrific and brutal murders that took place in a synagogue in Har Nof on Tuesday. We condemn in the strongest terms not just the barbaric act itself of murdering four unarmed innocent men while they were praying but the savage and ferocious manner with which it was carried out. The subsequent celebrations from sectors of the Palestinian community only further highlight the impact of the incessant incitement from the highest levels of Palestinian leadership, who we hold responsible for the homicidal and cold-blooded attacks on innocent Israelis. 

In recent weeks we have seen a significant increase in violence directed at innocent members of the public as they go about their daily lives. The lives of the families of the four horrifically murdered in the synagogue, and of the Druze police officer who succumbed to his wounds a day later, will never be the same. Five widows and 25 children left without a father, all in the name of terror and violence which can do nothing but further undermine prospects for peace. 

May the memories of Rabbi Aryeh Kopinsky, 43, Rabbi Avraham Shmuel Goldberg, 58, Rabbi Calman Levine, 50, and Rabbi Moshe Twersky, 59, as well as Master Sergeant Zidan Sif, 30, be a blessing to all who knew them.