Community gathers to remember Ariel Sharon

Community holds Memorial Service for Ariel Sharon z”l

“Myself, first of all I am a Jew. And that is the most important thing for me.” (Ariel Sharon)

On Sunday evening, over 200 people filled Beth Weizmann Community Centre for a moving commemoration to celebrate the life of former Israeli Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon z”l.

Community members both young and old alike, reflected on the life of the late Prime Minister of Israel, through song and oration and were reminded of Sharon’s motto – Kmo she’zarich – whatever you do, do it properly.

Asher Kozma, from the youth movement Betar, spoke of his personal connection to Ariel Sharon who was his grandfather’s commander. A touching tribute to the late Prime Minister of Israel and his inspiration a leader of the nation was delivered by His Excellency, Shmuel Ben-Shmuel, Ambassador of Israel.

Songs sung at his funeral were played on the night accompanied by footage of his life from a young man to the warrior and politician he became. A heartfelt tribute penned by Itamar Aminoff, the son of Aharon Aminoff, the Betar Shaliach in Melbourne in the 1970s, which was read at the funeral was read in Hebrew on the night. There wasn’t a dry eye in the audience.

Ariel Sharon touched so many in so many ways. Controversial as he was during his lifetime, Israelis and Jews the world over salute a warrior and a leader who – for better or worse – knew how to do things kmo she’zarich.

President of the Zionist Council of Victoria, Sam Tatarka said: “Ariel Sharon was a man of peace who was prepared for war. This ideology protected and saved Israel on many occasions. Sharon transcends all ages, personal opinions and political and religious affiliations. It was touching to share this memorial with members of the Melbourne community, united in the memory of Ariel Sharon and his undying hope for peace in the future.”

The crowd was diverse and included local MP David Southwick

ZCV President Sam Tatarka

Nissim Ben-Salamon sang the song “We are from the Same Village”

Rabbi Motty Lieberow from HaMerchaz Shelanu recited Kel Moleh Rachmim

Emily Gian, Israel analyst delivered a recitation of excerpts from Sharon’s speeches

His Excellency, Shmuel Ben-Shumel, The Ambassador of Israel in Australia spoke of the Legacy of Ariel Sharon

Asher Kozma, Betar  spoke of the contribution of Ariel Sharon to the Zionist World