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The New “Habayit Home of Hebrew and Israeli Culture”

Bustling new Hebrew centre engages community in exciting projects

September 9, 2013

Habayit is a new and exciting initiative of the World Zionist Organisation to promote the Hebrew language and Israeli culture in Jewish communities around the world.

Melbourne was one of only three cities selected to receive funding for this unique project, which is conducted under the auspices of the Zionist Federation of Australia and supported by the Zionist Council of Victoria.

Situated in the beautiful environment of the Lamm Jewish Library of Australia, Habayit is open to the entire community. Anyone who is interested in the Hebrew language and is passionate about Israeli culture will find an activity to engage in amidst a range of choices. Programs are targeted to suit various age groups and Hebrew levels from beginners to fluent.

There are already ten projects underway including the popular HOL Club – Hebrew Over Lunch, which run Mondays – Thursdays every week. These free Hebrew conversation sessions are a chance for people with all levels of Hebrew to have a chat in Hebrew and learn more of this beautiful language.

The long standing and much loved Hebrew baby and toddlers’ story time in Hebrew is a weekly highlight for many mums and bubs. Vered Harel runs this wonderful program on Tuesday mornings at the Lamm Library and it is an ideal way to introduce Hebrew language and music for young families.

With such an extensive range of activities on offer, Habayit aims to welcome everyone in the community, from seniors interested in improving their Hebrew, to VCE students wishing to prepare for final exams, to a casual Ivrit Café to practice conversational Hebrew.

Habayit also offers Hebrew lessons online, a book club discussing the latest Israeli literature and a film club featuring Israeli movies and television series. An upcoming talk by Israeli journalist Omer Rabin on ‘What’s up in the Middle East?’ is a wonderful cultural event for the Hebrew speaking community.

Habayit Coordinator, Hallely Kimchi, has contributed significantly to the community as the editor of the Israeli newspaper Eton for the past eight years.

Passionate about Israel and education, Hallely said: “Habayit is here to bring Hebrew to everyone in the community, irrespective of age or familiarity with Hebrew. We aim to provide programs which are exciting, fun and beneficial for the whole family.”

“You are all welcome to be a part of Habayit, to share your ideas and have a little chat in Hebrew!” Hallely added.

For more information on Habayit, please contact Hallely Kimchi 03 9272 5500,

For more information please contact: Lana Lachyani, Communications and Events Coordinator, Zionist Council of Victoria, T: (+613) 9272 5618,