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ZCV in the News 2013

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ZCV in the News 2013

• 7 November – Australian Jewish News, “Remembering Rabin”

• 5 November – News and Views from Jews Down Under: “A year in review: The Zionist Council of Victoria’s 75th Annual Assembly”

• 5 November – J-Wire: “Melbourne remembers Rabin”

• 14 October – News and Views from Jews Down Under: “Melbourne to commemorate 18th Remembrance Day for Yitzhak Rabin Z”L”

• 10 October – Australian Jewish News, “Community remembers Yitzhak Rabin”

• 7 October – Ausraelim (Hebrew), “2013 Jerusalem Prize to former Prime Minister Julia Gillard”

• 4 October – J-Wire, “Israel in Melbourne”, Keytana Babayit

• 4 October – Australian Jewish News, “Former PM Julia Gillard to be awarded Jerusalem Prize”

• 4 October – Australian Jewish News, “Wild Weather lashes shuls”, Beth Weizmann Sukkah damaged

• 4 October – Australian Jewish News, Photo of Ambassador Yuval Rotem at ZCV Yom Ha’zikaron commemoration

• 1 October – The Australian: “Ex-PM Julia Gillard to receive Jerusalem Prize”

• 30 September – News and Views from Jews Down Under: “Former PM Julia Gillard awarded prestigious Jerusalem Prize”

• 30 September – J-Wire: “Gillard gets Jerusalem Prize”

• 30 September – News and Views from Jews Down Under: “Festive event at Beth Weizmann Sukkah for grant recipients”

• 27 September  – AJN: “Big bucks boost”, Grant presentation ceremony

• 20 September  – AJN: “Home for Israeli Culture”, Habayit Home of Hebrew & Israeli Culture

• 11 September  – J-Wire, “Learning Hebrew in Melbourne”, Habayit Home of Hebrew & Israeli Culture

• 10 September  – News and Views from Jews Down Under, “The New ‘Habayit Home of Hebrew and Israeli Culture”

• 6 September  – AJN: “Honoured for ‘thousands of hours of dedicated service”, Ian Samuel OAM receives Victoria Volunteer Award

• 6 September – AJN: “Pollies share travel tales” at ZCV Executive Meeting

• 6 September  – AJN: Been and Seen: “Farewell to Israeli Ambassador”

• 30 August – AJN: “Pollies welcome Rosh Hashana”

• 29 August – J-Wire: “Award for Ian Samuel”

• 26 August – Arutz Sheva: “MK Calderon a Hit in Australian Media”

• 21 August – Galus Australis: “Sam Tatarka on Generational Change”

•18 August – Galus Australis: “Ruth Calderon’s message to Australian Zionists”

•18 August –The Shtick TV: “Dr Ruth Calderon MK speaks about Israeli politics”

•16 August – Radio 3ZZZ (Hebrew): “Ruth Calderon in Australia”

•15 August – SBS World News: “Dr Ruth Calderon SBS News”

• 8 August – AJN: “Calderon nostalgic for Aussie school days”

• 1 August – AJN: “Calderon heading Down Under”

• 1 August – AJN: Been and Seen: Parliamentaries at ZCV Executive Meeting

• 5 July – AJN: Been and Seen: ZCV LJLA Appeal Launch event

• 26 June –AJN: “Classic Zionism text is an e-book”, a State Zionist Council of Victoria president from the 1950

• 14 June – AJN: Yom Ha’atzmaut cocktail: preview for JNTV and article “Premier’s funding boost for CSG”

• 14 June – AJN: “Classic Zionism text is an e-book”, news about a book by Israel Kipen, the president of the State Zionist Council of Victoria in the 1950s.

• 13 June – JNTV: “Yom Ha’atzmaut Cocktail”, short highlights from speeches from the Premier and the Israeli Ambassador to Australia.

• 7 June – AJN: “Hebrew tales for tots”, about Hebrew Storytime at the LJLA

• 7 June – AJN: “AJDS gets rebuke for Israel boycott”

• 5 June – JTA: “Aussie umbrella body slams boycotts”, a report in the international Jewish wire service

• 4 June – J-Wire: “JCCV condemns AJDS”, overnight coverage of the JCCV plenum

• 3 June – JNTV (AJN’s online video news): “Hebrew Storytime for bubs”, a short video that highlights Hebrew Storytime at the LJLA, one of the programs that the LJLA annual appeal will help

• 21 May – J-Wire: “MPs find trip to Israel life changing”, a summary of the state Labour MPs’ reflections following their trip to Israel as part of AIJAC’s Rambam fellowship. The MPs were guests at the ZCV Executive

• 17 May – AJN: “Been and Seen” for Dr. Stephen Rosen community forum, an event co-hosted with AIJAC and Australian Voices for Israel

• 10 May – Australian Jewish News (AJN): “Write Your Story” picture and short story, for the Lamm Jewish Library of Australia Annual, in the Australian Jewish News

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