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Thank you Labor MPs

Thank you Labor MPs

MPs address community to talk about official Isarel trip

Marsha Thomson MP

21 May 2013

On 20 May 2013, members of the Victorian Labor Party addressed the community, reflecting on their recent visit to Israel. The MPs had visited Israel in April, most of them for the first time, and discussed their impressions as guests at the ZCV Executive meeting. The parliamentarians went to Israel as part of AIJAC’s Rambam Israel Fellowship Program.

The MPs in attendance: Marsha Thomson, James Merlino, Martin Foley, Telmo Languiller, Judith Graley, Frank McGuire, Xavier Williams and Janice Munt.

ZCV Vice President Jeff Morrison said: “Most of the MPs have few Jewish people in their electorate and have had little previous interaction with Israel and its people. It’s not a topic that normally comes up in conversation with their friends and constituents. But they expressed a keen desire to inform and convey some of the key points they had learned from the trip, and they intend to introduce some of Israel’s advanced initiatives and programs to their electorate and the rest of Victoria, which, for the Zionist Council of Victoria, was encouraging to hear as it helps our mission of engaging Victoria with Israel.”

Read more about the night on J-Wire, or see pictures here and here.

The MPS were also in attendance for the ZCV Aliyah Mezuzah Ceremony.