Press Release – 16 November 2012


Communities to gather in solidarity with Israel on 18 November

Jewish communities across Australia are set to gather in solidarity with Israel and her people this coming Sunday, 18 November. Community leaders, politicians and youth will lead gatherings, expected to attract large numbers of people in:

Time: 11.15am
Venue: Princes Park – corner of Hawthorn Road and Maple St, South Caulfield

Time: 11.15am.
Venue: Barracluff Park, Cnr Old South Head Rd & Warners Ave, North Bondi

Activities are also being planned in Brisbane and Perth.

The CODE RED – STOP THE ROCKETS rallies will highlight the plight of more than 1 million Israelis who live in the range of rockets fired by Hamas terrorists in Gaza. Only today, hundreds of rockets were fired into Israel from Gaza resulting in the deaths of 3 Israeli civilians and injuring children and infants. In the last 12 years, more than 12,000 rockets have been fired into Israel, damaging homes and property, injuring and killing people, and terrorising the civilian population.

Israel has responded with Operation “Pillar of Defense” targeting weapons sites in Gaza to defend her citizens.

“Israel not only has a right but an obligation to defend her citizens,” said ZFA President Philip Chester. “The population of Israel’s south has been under continuous threat for 12 years, with over 12,000 rockets having been fired by Palestinian terrorists from Gaza.  Today, Hamas rockets have a capacity to hit population centres with a total of over 1 million Israelis.

“It is a fundamental human right for Israel’s citizens to live without the threat of rocket fire, the need to run to bomb shelters within 15 seconds of the ‘code red’ alert sounding. There are 12-year-old children who have not known any other life than this. No other nation would allow such a threat on its population to continue and neither should Israel. We support Israel’s obligation to defend herself, so that Israel’s civilian population can live normal lives without fear of death or injury.”

Further information:
Philip Chester, President, Zionist Federation of Australia – 0419 136 750
Re Melbourne gathering:  Jane Rapke, Executive Director, Zionist Council of Victoria: 0412 987 628
Re Sydney gathering:  Lynn Niselow, Executive Director, Zionist Council of NSW: 0405 295 367