Press Release – 13 September 2010

Israel maintains defence of its southern border against Hamas terror

Zionist Council of Victoria president Dr Danny Lamm today slammed Hamas’ unrelenting appetite for terror both in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, as a means to derail renewed peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians.

The very reason Hamas exists is to impose extreme Islamism in the Middle East and wipe Israel off the map, he said. They will do everything in their evil power to put a stop to the 2 sides meeting and advancing a peace plan. 

Today’s incident at the Erez crossing between Israel and Gaza was regrettable if civilians were involved, said Lamm. However it must be remembered that Israel is consistently on alert on its southern border with Gaza in an attempt to thwart terror attacks.

This latest incident comes as Hamas fired 3 mortar shells into Israel’s northern Negev.

In Hamas’ own words it will work with 13 other terror groups to launch “more effective attacks” against Israel.

“Are we not surprised then that since this level of cooperation between terrorists, 4 Kassam rockets were fired onto Israeli civilians during the Jewish New Year holiday when businesses are closed and Israelis walk to synagogue and to visit family and friends for the holiday? When will civilians in southern Israel be able to lead a life free of Kassam rockets?”, Lamm asked.

On Wednesday morning rockets landed between two day care-centres in a community in the southern region of Sha’ar Hanegev. “Luckily the children were not yet in the centres at the time, averting large scale injuries”, said Lamm. “The only place I saw that reported was in the Israeli media”, added Lamm.

Hamas has also increased violence in the West Bank, claiming responsibility for two shooting attacks in the past week. One that killed four Israelis included a pregnant woman and left 6 children orphaned.

“Hamas and its terror splinter groups continue to smuggle weapons via underground tunnels between Gaza, Israel and Egypt and the Israeli Airforce strikes them as necessary”, reminded Dr Lamm.

These are the same tunnels that Hamas would have dragged kidnapped Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit through on June 25, 2006, after killing other soldiers in his unit. Gilad continues to be held captive by Hamas more than 4 years later, in breach of international law and denied access to ensure his physical and emotional well-being including visits by the International Red Cross.

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