Press Release – 25 September 2008

Bring Iranian leader Ahmadinejad to trial at the International Court of Justice

The State Zionist Council of Victoria has unequivocally condemned an anti-Israel and anti-Semitic tirade by Iranian President Ahmadinejad before UN member states at the General Assembly in New York on Tuesday.

Almost sermonizing in the name of Islam, Ahmadinejad exploited the opportunity, not his first on the UN podium, to denounce and demonize Israel, the US and the West.

The anti-Semitic elements of the speech revisited conspiracy theories set out by the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, blaming the ills of the world on the Jewish people and Israel. 

Following the address SZCV President Dr Danny Lamm called on Prime Minister Rudd and the Australian government to pursue its stated intention of bringing Ahmadinejad to trial at Hague’s International Court of Justice.

“As abhorrent as Ahmadinejad’s diatribe before 192 member states of the UN was, none of us are surprised at its content, it was more of the same sinister anti-Semitism that Jewish communities worldwide have come to expect from this dangerous leader. However, the international standing afforded Ahmadinejad has got to stop; enough is enough. It is time to take diplomatic action against Ahmadinejad to the next level. He should immediately be isolated diplomatically while charges of incitement to genocide are thoroughly examined”, Dr Lamm stated.

Dr Lamm said it was ironic that Ahmadinejad called Iran’s pursuit to develop nuclear weapons “peaceful” when Iran is the world’s largest sponsor of terrorism, arming, training and funding the Hezbollah, Hamas and other terrorist groups committed to Israel’s destruction.

“Hamas have launched almost 10,000 rockets, missiles and mortars at Israeli civilian populations since Israel gave up all of Gaza in 2005”, said Dr Lamm. “And Hamas terrorists continue to target Israeli cities such as on Monday night when an East Jerusalem Hamas member rammed his car into a group of off-duty soldiers, wounding more than ten, the third such attack in as many months”, he added.

For the entire text of Ahmadinejad’s speech click here.

For more on Israeli Foreign Minister and new Kadima leader Tzipi Livini’s and Israeli President Shimon Peres’ reaction to events at the UN on Tuesday, click onto Israeli online newspapers the Jerusalem Post  and Ha’aretz.

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