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Guy Hever

06---Guy-Hever.jpgGuy Hever, a soldier in the Israeli Army, has been missing since August 17, 1997. He was last seen on the Golan Heights, dressed in his army fatigues, carrying his weapon, a LONG GALIL, his military disk and his international military identification papers (Geneva Convention Card). The area was searched thoroughly but today, six years after he went missing, there is still no clue to what happened to him. There is the testimony from a psychologist who saw Guy waiting for a lift at the Kazabia Intersection, traveling east, not far away from the Syrian border.

Guy was born on May 30, 1977. Firstborn to Rina and Eitan, brother to Or, who has been joined the army on August 17, 2003 – the same day Guy went missing, and sister Shir who is studying in high school. Guy is avid about computers and used to follow all news and updates on this subject. He enjoys music and reads science fiction, mainly in English, and has a large library in this area.

Israeli’s Prime Ministers promised to raise the issue of Guy maybe being held in Syria. It is possible that he has been captured in order to be used as a bargaining chip in a future exchange of prisoners.

Mr. David Dadon, previous Israeli Ambassador in Jordan, wrote on July 24, 2001: “After thoroughly studying the case, we decided to center our efforts in mobilizing humanitarian international organizations and high-level friendly personalities to help us check the possibility of Guy Hever being incarcerated in a Syrian jail. We believe that this effort towards the Syrian authorities must continue. Any further help from International Organization and people of good will is most welcome and will contribute to maintain our efforts to find the young Israeli soldier.”