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Special Alert – 11 June 2008

Dear Advocates,

Two weeks from today will mark exactly two years since the abduction of Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit. Since the attack he has been held in the Gaza Strip by Hamas which holds its out to be the legally elected representative of the Palestinian people.

On Monday, Gilad’s family received another sign of life from their son in the form of a letter. For more information, please click here. Hamas officials had previously said that they would allow Gilad’s family to receive a letter as a “humanitarian gesture”.

The letter was sent as a result of a promise extracted by former US President Jimmy Carter from the Hamas leadership. Unfortunately, the Hamas leaders did not heed his call for their movement to stop attacking Israel civilians and threatening to destroy the Jewish State by violent means. Nor does this development bring Gilad’s release any closer.

Prior to Monday’s letter, Gilad’s family had received two other letters and a taped recording of Gilad’s voice.

Gilad Shalit has been held in captivity for 717 days.

Ehud Goldwasser and Eldad Regev, kidnapped by Hezbollah in a cross-border raid, have now been held in captivity for 700 days. To this day there has been absolutely zero sign of life from the two, and no official negotiations or deals have been put forward.

Please visit the Habamin website for more information on Gilad, Ehud and Eldad and please keep them in your thoughts. We were all born to be free.

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Best wishes,


Emily Chrapot
Research Officer
State Zionist Council of Victoria
9272 5507