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Update – 13 March 2008

Dear Advocates,

Following on from my update yesterday regarding the parliamentary motion congratulating Israel on 60 years of statehood, the transcripts from Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and Leader of the Opposition Brendan Nelson are now up on Hansard. To read the parliamentary motion from the House of Representatives click here, or for the full version from Hansard, click here.

In the Senate, Senator Boswell, the Deputy Leader of the Nationals in the Senate, acknowledged the motion passed in the House of Representatives and wanted to associated himself and the Nationals with the motion. To read his comments click here, or for the full version of from Hansard, click here.

The Australian printed a short report of the day in an article entitled ‘PM lauds Israel but urges peace’. The Australian also printed some fantastic letters from different perspectives.

Typically, the Age only printed a short article on page 8, focusing on the one negative aspect of the day, in an article entitled ‘MP snubs celebration of Israel’. 

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Best wishes,

Emily Chrapot
Research Officer
State Zionist Council of Victoria
9272 5507