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Press Releases – 13 November 2007

“Countdown to 60” – community invited to launch event for Israel’s 60th anniversary celebrations

To officially launch the “Yom Ha’atzmaut 60” campaign year, the State Zionist Council of Victoria is proud to be co-hosting “Countdown to 60” on Wednesday evening November 28, together with National Council of Jewish Women Victoria, WIZO Victoria, Emunah and the Zionist Federation of Australia.

The event date has been specifically planned around the eve of the 60th anniversary of the United Nation’s November 29, 1947 Partition Plan, as that is where the action of modern Israel’s rebirth spilled over into the international political arena. One only has to watch the black and white clips of nations voting to create a Jewish state on YouTube to realize the great hype that surrounded that day.

Ginette Searle, Executive Director of the SZCV and one of the event organisers said today “We are very excited to be involved with such a special function as the one that is being planned for November 28. The event will be uplifting and inspiring, celebrating Israel’s achievements and contributions.”

The evening’s program will include a focus on the significance of the UN vote; Israel’s achievements over 60 years and contribution to the world in technology, humanitarian issues and innovation, as well as Israeli culture with music and dance.

Dr Orly Lacham-Kaplan, a scientist at the Monash Institute of Reproduction and Development, will talk about Israel’s Nobel laureates. Dr Lacham-Kaplan’s own well-known research focuses on in-vitro fertilisation, embryo culture and development, micromanipulation techniques for fertilisation, human male factor infertility, cloning in animals using nuclear transfer techniques, assisted reproductive techniques and cloning in wild and captive animals.

Merav Bloch will talk about the significance, impact, and ramifications of UN Resolution 181, particularly Australia’s key role.

The function’s keynote address will be given by Eli Yerushalmi, the Israeli Embassy’s Deputy Chief of Mission, focusing on Israel’s innovations and contributions to the world.

As part of the evening’s proceedings, Ms Searle will be launching the 60th Yom Ha’atzmaut year.

Entertainment also features on the program with Faye Joske, a musical performance by Miri Mor and Israeli folk dancing by Nirkoda.

For more information contact:
SZCV Executive Director, Ginette Searle 9272-5544
SZCV Director OF Public Affairs, Elly Shalev 9272-5519