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Press Release – 7 March 2008

Melbourne’s Jewish community horrified by brutal attacks in Jerusalem seminary

In a horrific attack on a Jerusalem rabbinical seminary, 8 young students were murdered in a terrorist shooting rampage.

“This is a shocking reminder that despite the agreement only yesterday between Palestinian leadership and Israel to recommence negotiations promoting a solution of two states for two peoples, the extremists want no negotiations and respond with violence and terror” commented State Zionist Council of Victoria president, Dr Danny Lamm.

This is the tip of the iceberg because Israeli security forces have been thwarting similar attacks for over a decade.

“This attack, deliberately targeting civilians, is unfortunately typical of the extremist camp” he continued “in so many ways similar to the ongoing Kassam and GRAD rocket attacks on civilian targets including the Ashkelon hospital which Hamas is continually sending from Gaza into Israeli towns”.

The Merkaz HaRav Yeshiva is a well known and respected religious educational institution.

Mr Ori Meir, the director of Jewish youth organisation Bnei Akiva previously studied at this seminary (1989 – 1993). Ori is working on a two year contract in Melbourne. His Israeli neighbour, Yonadav Hirshfeld, age 19, was killed in this brutal attack.

Ori Meir is available for comment and may be contacted on 0412 932 758.

Images from the attack are available from the SZCV. If used, they must be acknowledged as per the terms to be found in

For more information contact:
Dr Danny Lamm
President, State Zionist Council of Victoria
0408 408 929

Ginette Searle
Executive Director, State Zionist Council of Victoria
0412 251 343