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Press Release – 6 August 2007

Public Speakers Service

The State Zionist Council of Victoria’s Public Speakers Service facilitated an exciting meeting between students from Newcomb Secondary College and The King David School (KDS) on Thursday 2 August 2007. Following a visit to the Holocaust Centre, students from Newcomb Secondary College came to KDS to learn all about Jewish Life.

Shayndel Samuel led the formal discussion, which covered such topics as Basic Beliefs of Judaism, Jewish Observance, Jewish Practice and Jewish Life at the school. The students of Newcomb College were given the opportunity to pass around various Jewish objects including a Torah, a Shofar and a Tallit, as a visual aid to the presentation.
Following a lunch of bagels and other Jewish delights, the KDS students broke off into small groups with their visitors and took them on a tour of the school, while chatting informally about their own similarities and differences. The day was a success, not just for the Newcomb College students, but for the KDS students too, who requested to make a reciprocal visit to Newcomb College in the near future.

The State Zionist Council of Victoria’s Public Speakers Service offers the unique experience for non-Jewish students or community groups to learn more about issues relating to Judaism and Israel. The service fulfils a valuable public relations role in the community, spreading positive messages to a wide audience. It also plays a vital role in educating the general community in making them more aware of what Judaism is, in the broad sense, and what Israel means to the Jewish people.
For more information contact:

SZCV Public Speakers Service Coordinator, Michele Benjamin 9272-5506