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Press Release – 27 August 2007

State Zionist Council farewells Victorian Olim just in time for Rosh Hashanah

Executive meetings of the State Zionist Council of Victoria have been utilized as a very positive forum for the farewell for 20 members of the Melbourne Jewish community making Aliyah.

Four families, three young adults and an elderly couple joining their daughter’s family already in Israel have just recently made Aliyah or will be making their new home in Israel next week, just in time for Rosh Hashanah 5768.

The new Victorian Olim were all presented with Mezuzot, the customary gift presented by the SZCV as a symbol for the celebration of their new impending lives in Israel. The Mezuzot were presented by Avigail Zeiri, Aliyah Shlicha and members of the SZCV Executive.

Dean Harris, one of three young olim who will leaving for Israel next week, sent the following message with fellow oleh Rafi Karp “On reflection, the mezuzah is the most appropriate gift – its second paragraph, the same as we read in the Shema, states:

“U’ chtavtam al-mezuzot beitecha u’visharecha; Le’maan yirbu yemeichem vi’yemei beneichem al ha’adama asher nishba Hashem la’avoteichem…”

“Write them on the doorposts of your houses and gates; So that your days and the days of your children will be increased on the land that Hashem promised your fathers…”

“The mitzvah of mezuzah is juxtaposed and intrinsically linked with Jewish identity, its history, future and present – about our forefathers, our children, our relationship with Hashem and of course living on the land that was promised to us – Eretz haChaim, Eretz Yisrael”.

Left to right: David Walles (SZCV Aliyah chair); new olim Gabriel David and daughter; Dr Danny Lamm (SZCV President); new olim Gilli Assraf and daughters; Avigail Zeiri (Aliyah Shlicha); new olah Sharon Glasman; new olim Jeremy and Melanie Josman with their 3 daughters. Left to right: Vivien Brass (SZCV Executive member), new olim Tal and Devin Jacobson with their 2 young daughters and Avigail Zeiri (Aliyah Shlicha)
Left to right: new olim Margaret and Dr Alan Bentley with their daughter Liz Garfinkel who lives in Israel, together with Avigail Zeiri (Aliyah Shlicha) Left to right: Robert Lissauer (SZCV Honorary Treasurer) and Avigail Zeiri present young oleh Rafi Karp with his mezuzah on behalf of the State Zionist Council of Victoria