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Press Release – 2 March 2007

The future of Zionism in Victoria – the SZC Reviews and Plans

We pride ourselves in Australia, and in particular Melbourne, on being a strong and committed Jewish and Zionist community. Our institutions, organisations and the vast and diverse range of activities provided to the community are testament to the love we have for Israel, and the deep connection between our community and Israel.

But we can’t take these strengths, or indeed the commitment of our current generation for granted. The most optimistic of pundits even predict a lessening of commitment as
the post-Holocaust generation becomes less active, and Generations X and Y find less appeal in community involvement and commitment to Israel.

The State Zionist Council of Victoria has taken on the challenges of our times and has embarked on a program to communicate the relevance of Zionism today, and motivate
and activate our community well into the future.

In the first step of this process, 35 members of the Council as well as all of the Council’s staff met for a day of strategic discussions and planning on Sunday 25 February. It was
facilitated by organisational consultant Dr Jack Jacoby. Vigorous ideological and practical discussions were held.

“Our community is diverse, it is strong, but the truth is that there are significant groups we’re just not connecting with. We need to frankly and critically assess our role, what we
do and how we reach people if we are to remain relevant for the next generation” remarked SZC President, Dr Danny Lamm.

“I am gratified, at this stage, that our executive is committed to the task of ensuring that Israel and Zionism and Jewish identity remain core values for our community, and
clearly focused on using a range of methods and developing new communication tools to get the message out” he concluded.

For more information contact:

SZCV Public Affairs Director, Elinor Shalev – 9272 5519

SZCV President, Dr Danny Lamm – 0408 408 929