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Press Release – 13 April 2007

Next generation of Israeli stars to feature at Yom Ha’atzmaut 59, Monday April 23, 7:45pm

The theme for Yom Ha’atzmaut 59 is “Beyachad – Together”. Our guest artists from Israel represent the meshing of Israel’s unique and varied cultures. Meet “Dor Chadash”, who will entertain you with a mix of modern and traditional Israeli songs in the elegant surroundings of Hamer Hall, The Arts Centre.



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Hananel Edri, 23 was born and lives in the northern city of Kiryat Shmona. Already in his youth he was discovered as an actor, singer and dancer, participating with local troupes as a soloist. In his compulsory military service he was passed the gruelling auditions and became a member of the Navy entertainment troupe. Over time, he was appointed the commander of the troupe, appearing all over Israel, as well as being sent to various countries to represent the IDF. Following his military service, he joined a group which placed second in the competition to find the group to represent Israel at the Eurovision song contest. He also appeared in many television programmes. During the recent Lebanon war in the north of Israel, he returned to perform, under fire from the Hizbollah, in order to raise the morale of the residents in the shelters. Hananel loves to return to his home in the north, where he is always received with love by his parents and his three younger siblings.

Yisraela Asago is first generation Israeli in her family – her parents made Aliyah from Ethiopia, via Sudan, following a dangerous and difficult journey. Some of the olim died from the hardships of the journey, but everyone was determined to reach the Holy Land. When her parents reached Israel, they settled in the southern development town of Kiryat Gat. The first baby born to them in Israel, they named Yisraela. Yisraela was one of the stars of the popular Israel television programme, “Kochav Nolad” (Israeli “Idol”). She succeeded in reaching one of the final levels, from amongst the thousands who auditioned. She is well known in Israel, and often performs in all parts of Israel and in many television appearances. At present she is preparing material for a solo album in which she will sing original material, with the hope if continuing as part of the elite of Israeli music.

Boris Soltanov was born in 1983 in Uzbekistan, then part of the former Soviet Union. Shortly before reaching the age of bar-mitzvah, the family made Aliyah, settling in Ashdod. Even before making Aliyah, Boris studied at a Jewish school, gaining his first understanding of Judaism, tradition, Hebrew and Israel. Boris joined the Paratroopers as part of his compulsory military service, serving in the computers and information technology branch. He was chosen to sing the new anthem written for the respected Paratroopers Brigade. Boris participated in the “Kochav Nolad” programme in Israel and reached an advanced level. He has performed around the world and continues to appear in Israel as a soloist, and occasionally within a group.