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Update – 4 February 2008

Dear Advocates,

This morning’s Sydney Morning Herald (a Fairfax publication and Sydney’s equivalent of The Age) has featured a fantastic and rational opinion piece by Israel’s Ambassador to Australia, Yuval Rotem, entitled ‘Voices missing from Gaza debate’. Should you wish to write to the paper a letter with a positive message about the article, you can do so with the following email address:

Make sure that the email (no attachments) has your home address and day and evening telephone number for verification, and try to keep within the 200 word limit.

With letter writing, it is definitely a positive thing to write letters of praise when they are due, and to not always have to be on the defensive.

[For those in Melbourne that are unfamiliar with the Sydney Morning Herald, on 22 January they published an incredibly offensive letter to the editor comparing the Gaza Strip to the Warsaw Ghetto (entitled ‘lessons unlearnt’). After only printing one letter of rebuttal (‘slightdifference’), they printed five letters (‘Warsaw and Gaza a difference of means and ends’) against the rebuttal.]

Best wishes,

Emily Chrapot
Research Officer
State Zionist Council of Victoria
9272 5507