Suggested Topics

The following topics can be offered at any venue convenient to you or at the Beth Weizmann Community Centre:

Australian, Jewish and Proud
Jewish life in Australia, from the First Fleet to the 21st Century. Can include a visit to the Jewish Museum of Australia.

The Holocaust
Understand the irreversible impact the Holocaust has had on World Jewry and listen to the riveting personal testimony of a Holocaust survivor. Includes a visit to the Holocaust Museum. 

Jewish History in the 20th Century
Presenting a timeline of the tremendous and terrible events the Jewish nation experienced in the 20th Century. Details the evolution of Zionism, the Holocaust, the birth of Israel and its amazing development in just less than 60 years. 

Jewish Nationalism – The Story of Zionism
Zionism has been one of the few political ideologies that has realised it aims. Learn about the beginnings of Jewish nationalism and its modern variants.

Israel – People, Politics and Peace
Israel’s position in the Middle East is quite unique. Find out about the people and ideas represented in this robust and vibrant democracy.

A view from Israel during wartime
2006 was an extremely turbulent year for Israel as population centres in both the north and south faced deadly attack. This presentation includes personal stories.

Israeli Folk Dance
Folk dance in Israel is popular among Israelis of all ages, as well as being the focus of an annual festival and competition attended by hundreds of thousands of people. Also experience fun dances from local teachers.

Life as a Young Israeli
Young Israelis face many distinctive challenges as they approach 18 years of age. Then again they are like young Australians. Learn why.

Israel and the Media
Learn the facts behind the media coverage of Israel including the debunking of common myths.

Multiculturalism and Tolerance – A Jewish Imperative
Australian Jewry fully supports a multicultural society – find out why this is important to Jews and other ethnic groups.

Women in Judaism
How does a 6,000 year old religion incorporate modern feminist principles?

Judaism – A Way of Life
Explore the role religion plays in Jewish life. Includes a visit to a synagogue and discussion with the Rabbi.

Life on an Israeli Kibbutz
First established in 1906, kibbutz society is considered unique throughout the world. Learn more about this example of a collectivist society.

We are happy to devise a lecture and/or program that best suits your needs – please contact us  to discuss further.