Information for Affiliated Organisations

As a Zionist organisation, there are also MANY ways to enhance your organisation’s connection to Zionism and Israel locally:

  • Promote and encourage your members to attend functions within the community, whether it is a commemoration or a celebration, which are connected in some way to Israel. Get your organisation involved and excited to be a part of a vibrant Zionist community.
  • Buy Israeli Products. Adopt a “Buy Israeli” policy for your organisation. Israeli food, wine, gifts and presentations can enhance the link between your organisation, your members and Israel.
  • Sing Hatikva at your events.
  • Incorporate Israeli music, film and books into your cultural events.
  • Invite speakers on topics related to Israel – contact the ZCV for advice and access to a range of excellent speakers.
  • Exhibit photos, pictures and posters of Israel in your offices and premises.
  • Shules – hold a celebratory Kiddush for Yom Ha’atzmaut.
  • Display an Israeli and an Australian flag in your premises and at your functions.
  • Invite members who have recently visited Israel to speak or write for your newsletter of their experiences.
  • Publish articles related to Israel in your newsletter.
  • Be a part of the Public Speakers Service – call 9272 5506
  • Link to the ZVC website, Israeli newspapers and Israeli Government sites on your own organisational website.

Let us know of other initiatives your organisation has implemented which demonstrates and enhances your connection to Israel.