Becoming Affiliated

Becoming an affiliate of Zionism Victoria makes your organisation a member of a diverse and committed local Zionist community. It means that your organisation has adopted the ‘Jerusalem Program, the foundation of the international Zionist Movement.

There are many benefits for organisations to be affiliated to Zionism Victoria. Amongst the major benefits are:

  1. Representation and co-ordination by Zionism Victoria in promoting the Zionist cause both in the Jewish and wider communities.
  2. An opportunity for leadership in the various organisations to meet and discuss important issues concerning the Jewish Community in Victoria.
  3. The ability to call on the expertise and administrative support of Zionism Victoria for their organisation’s own activities.
  4. Aiding the community to ensure a strong and comprehensive Zionist Movement exists in Victoria.
  5. Additional exposure for organisations through major communal events organised by Zionism Victoria.

For more information about how to become an affiliate, contact Executive Director Jean Katzen, or 03 9272 5544.